Integer/Rational Modes

The integer/rational keypad is fairly similar in layout to a production handheld calculator, compared to the floating-point/complex keypad there is one row fewer. The buttons are listed below, together with a description of their intended use:

  • 0, 19: For inputting decimal digits making up an integer in Integer Multiprecision mode, or a numerator or denominator in Rational Multiprecision mode.
  • +, , ×: Standard arithmetic operators, with multiplication having a higher precedence than addition and subtraction. Negative numbers can be entered by preceding them with .
  • : Floor division (Integer Multiprecision mode) or the fraction (rational) operator (Rational Multiprecision mode), each with the same precedence as multiplication.
  • MOD: (Integer Multiprecision mode only.) Return the remainder from a division of the preceding value by the following value. Note sometimes this operator is called %.
  • ·: (Rational Multiprecision mode only.) Make a fraction out of a decimal number. Note that only denominators up to 1,000,000 are supported, and that for recurring decimals 15 significant digits are required.
  • : Raise the preceding value to the power of the following value, sometimes called index or exponent operator (shown as ^). This operator has a higher precedence than multiplication and division. Note that only positive integer powers are permitted.
  • (, ): Introduce sub-expressions of higher precedence. Note that on pressing ) the sub-expression is evaluated and shown as the running result.
  • =, Ans, , C: As for floating-point modes.

The Constants Menu and Functions Menu are both unavailable in these modes, as they are not compatible with integer/rational calculations.