Complex Number Modes

The complex number calculations keypad is very similar to the floating-point keypad, with ×10ˣ and % changed to j and . These two new keys for the Complex Floating and Complex Multiprecision modes are described below:

  • j: Enter an imaginary number, note this key should be entered after an integral or floating-point number. To obtain an imaginary number using a built-in constant, such as πj, enter as (π×1j) or (1j×π) (the parentheses are optional).
  • : Enter a complex number in polar form, that is rθ. Both sides can be optionally be parenthesized, for example 5⌊(π/2) is equivalent to 5j.

By default, complex results are displayed in cartesian (x+yj) format; it is possible to display results in polar form by changing the Settings.


All of the constants available in the floating-point modes are also available in the complex modes, and are entered into the current calculation in the same way.


Only a small subset of the functions available in the floating-point modes are available in the complex modes. Operation is identical to the floating-point modes, and for almost all available functions the parameter(s) can be real, imaginary or complex.